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Cargo Management


Managing your fleet cargo is important for transporting and organizing your work vehicle.

  • Cargo Slide

  • Bed Slide

  • Transfer Tanks

  • Pumps

  • Ladder Racks

  • Utility Carriers

  • Slide Down Racks

  • Roof Racks

  • Hitch & Tow Systems

Jotto-Cargo Slide™ Cargo Management System

Jotto-Cargo Slide™ makes your life simple. It provides easy access to cargo in a pickup truck bed or van cargo on the job site, football field or grocery store parking lot. Simply put, the Jotto-Cargo Slide not only looks great it gives you more value with more options.

E-Track Rail

Secure your cargo in your van with an E track rail and add E Track straps to maintain your cargo during transport.

Slider Winch & Track

The Sliding Winch Track from Buyers Products is a universal 72 in. track able to handle any standard winch. It's constructed of formed carbon steel for long lasting use.  Your trailer winch is able to move in both directions along this track, but will lock firmly in place when you apply tension. 

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