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Safety Equipment

All safety products, from beacons, lightbars, directional LEDs to back-up alarms and camera systems are designed to maximize vehicle visibility and reduce accidents.

  • Back-up Cameras

  • Work Lamps and Safety Lights

  • Blood borne Pathogen Kits

  • First Aid Kits

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Backup Sensors

  • Safety Lights

  • Headache Racks

  • Window Grille

  • Grille Guards

  • Safety Partitions/Bulkheads

  • Accident Kits

  • Window Screens

  • Warning Triangles


Safety Kits w/bag include:
—2 lights sticks,
—Safety vest,
—12’ Jumper cables,
—Flash light
—Ice Scraper
—Glass Breaker & Seatbelt cutte
—Accident Report Kit

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