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A properly selected liftgate can assist operators to load and unload heavy cargo from their vehicles more efficiently. This can help reduce operator fatigue, injury risk, shortens delivery times, and improve productivity (and profit) per stop.  

Already have a liftgate? We can assist on select repair or service jobs for your liftgate.


Please call or email for more details regarding your issue.

V2 Series Internal Van Lift

The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van.


The V2 combines sleek modern engineering with hands-free platform open and close, built-in cart retention ramp, and 1100lbs. of lifting capacity.

V2 Series models are loaded with standard features:

  • Platform Auto Open & Close • Dual-Function Control 

  • Retention Ramp • Flat-Loading Taper

  • Aluminum Treadplate Bridge Mounts

  • Low-Profile Pump & Motor Box

G2 Series Liftgate

The Tommy Gate G2 Series is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which utilizes a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of the platform. With forty-two inches of vertical travel, the G2 Series is a great fit for most any service body, or regular truck body. 

Available in 1300 or 1600 lbs capactity. 

Cantilever Series Liftgate

The Tommy Gate Cantilever Series is a modern hydraulic lift that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans. The Cantilever Series features internal bridges, dual cart stops, remote pendant control, and maintenance-free components.

Available in 1300 lbs Capacity. 

650 Series Internal Van Lift

Low-capacity, compact, and internally-mounted, the 650 Series is the ideal liftgate for lightweight van applications. 650 Series models fold up and store out of the way of ordinary tasks or flat against the inside of the rear door. Fold-away interior mount offers two secure storage positions and easy access to the rear of the van.

Tuckunder Series: TKT

The Tommy Gate Tuckunder Series offers large platforms and high lifting capacities while also providing the convenience of folding and storing underneath the vehicle bed. Available with both treadplate steel and extruded aluminum platforms, these lifts are the most popular style of liftgates on the market.

Available in a 2500 & 3000 lbs. capacity. 

Step Van Liftgate

RTC Model Railgates have been designed specifically for "walk in" step vans and incorporate a roller-based drive system to ensure sturdy, dependable performance through extensive cycling. Lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance, and operator safe, fleet managers and drivers alike appreciate the ease and convenience of these specially constructed lifts.

Available in a 1600 & 2000 lbs. capacity.

SpitzLift 3-foot Fold Down Crane for Vans

Our standard 3-foot crane is also a great option should you not need the fold-down feature. Our standard cranes have a load capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. When not in use, the crane can be conveniently folded and stowed away in a SpitzLift carrying case.

SpitzLift 4-foot Standard Crane for Trucks

Our 4-foot standard crane is ideal for pick up truck applications. The crane comes with a manual or DC powered option and can be mounted on the left or right side of the truck. The SpitzLift 4-foot standard crane weighs less than 40 lbs.and is safely operated by one person.

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